A top QC in a rapper video is not quite what is usually expected of British silks, but in the case of the rapper – Tokyi Ajibola aka Trapstar Toxic – it follows his acquittal on two counts of attempted murder and a three week trial at the Old Bailey.

James Scobie QC of Garden Court Chambers, defended the rapper and has a long list of successful criminal defences, outlined on his webpage.

Among the alleged gangland shooting details described in the Scobie press statement

The Crown pitched the shooting against a background of tit-for-tat violence between two rival gangs, the ‘Church Road Soldiers’ and ‘Thugs of Stonebridge’. The defendant had strong ties to the former, producing several rap videos with the ‘Ice City Boyz’, their supposed musical offshoot. The day before the shooting, a fellow ‘Church Road Soldiers’ associate was stabbed, allegedly by the ‘Thugs of Stonebridge’. The Crown said this was the defendant’s motive for the shooting, mistaking Mr Popo for a rival gang member.

The video clip shows Scobie and his client apparently outside the Old Bailey, with a somewhat bemused counsel shaking hands with the rapper.

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