Big Law’s Bitcoin Foray

You may have thought that Bitcoins had gone away, but in a “Revenge of the Nerds” style resurgence they are not only back, but Big Law is also seeking to be part of the Bitcoin action. Steptoe & Johnson have entered the Bitcoin market with a focus upon the “Blockchain” technology that may well change […]

Donald Trump’s Potential Tax Lawsuit

Is Donald Trump to face a lawsuit over his tax affairs? Tax audits and affairs have been one of the numerous issues circulating around the Republican presidential nominee in a developing scandal over his potential liability, following an investigation by the UK Daily Telegraph. Some of Trump’s business associates are facing a civil lawsuit but Frederick […]

A Lawyer’s Key Tips on Leaving the Law

Marwa Elzankaly* After thirteen memorable years as a trial lawyer at McManis Faulkner, I decided to take some time off and do other things in life. I left my practice in the midst of an all time high in my career – a unanimous verdict in the internationally publicized Mark Oliver Gebel trial, two successful […]

How Lawyers Could Stop Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go craze is setting the reality world on fire, as well as Nintendo’s capital value with a $7 billion overnight increase, but there are some legal issues ahead too, according to a lawyer involved in such matters. Pokemon Go is an ‘augmented reality’ show that requires players to visit real-world places to discover […]