6 Things To Know About Bill Cosby’s New Lawyer, Tom Mesereau – Bill Cosby’s New Lawyer

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Bill Cosby’s new legal team is headed by Tom Mesereau – the silver-maned attorney who famously won Michael Jackson’s acquittal in the child sex case, who looks like super-attorney Gerry Spence and who wins celebrity court battles – among others. Meserau’s own law firm website will explain why and how he is the best […]

“Harlem Shakes” Shakes Up Copyright Issues and Lawsuits

The “Harlem Shakes” lawsuit resonates with many involved in the music world.   Changes to the way in which music is ranked for the music charts, using YouTube views, has changed not only the music charts, but also the view taken by artists in respect of their copyright ownership.  The stakes just became higher. The […]

Quinn Emanuel Scores Unclean Hands Victory Against Rambus

Quinn Emanuel obtained a ruling holding unenforceable all twelve patents that plaintiff Rambus Inc. asserted against Micron Technology, Inc. and Micron Semiconductor Products, Inc. After a five-day bench trial regarding Micron’s unclean hands defense and multiple rounds of post-trial briefing, Judge Robinson of the United States District Court for the District of Delaware found Rambus’ […]