The French Blockchain Revolution: Leading the Way With Technology & Unlisted Securities

Davis Polk – After being one of the first countries to recognize blockchain technology in the field of cash vouchers, or minibons, France has become the first country to authorize the registration and transfer of unlisted securities by using the blockchain technology. With the aim of making France the world’s forerunner in the legal recognition […]

Leveraging Blockchain For The Real Estate Industry

Dentons – Establishing a good title and guaranteeing speedy acquisition of real estate is of paramount importance to investors, funds, and real estate developers. For example, if salient information on prior encumbrances, easements and restrictive covenants is not easily obtainable, land ownership disputes may increase transaction risks significantly. Uncertainty in property ownership globally may also […]

Does Face ID Technology Raise Privacy Concerns?

Baker Hostetler –  Phishing attacks continue to be the root cause of a considerable number of data breaches. Typically, these incidents occur when employees are enticed into giving up their login credentials in response to a cleverly designed, yet fake email. Thus, network passwords, combined with employee susceptibility to phishing emails, remain a major security weakness for […]