LSE’s Fake News Tort Exam Featuring “Donald” and “Nigel”

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Exams can be tough enough without tedious fact situations, but London’s School of Economics (LSE) has once again become somewhat controversial by presenting a ‘fact situation’ for a tort test that features individuals named “Donald” (as in you-know-who) and “Nigel” (as in Farange). The LSE exam for first year law students’ tort exam. Law […]

Will Online Law Degrees Reduce Law Tuition Costs?

Online law degrees are holding greater-than-ever appeal for lawyers as tuition fees continue to climb for ‘off line’ law schools. The Financial Times reported that a Harvard Law juris doctor degree may now cost close to $US90,000 a year if insurance, housing and other expenses are added to the actual tuition fees charged by the […]