50 Cent’s Big Bucks Big Law Lawsuit

50 Cent (the rap artist, not the monetary denomimation) has pulled off what one music industry publication calls “the ultimate switcheroo” by turning the tables on his Big Law lawyers and suing them for $32 million (that’s the monetary denomination, not a rapper). 50 Cent hired Reed Smith to represent him in the Lastonia Leviston sex-tape […]

“You’re Fired!” Trump Tells Acting A-G

Acting Attorney General Sally Yates allegedly “betrayed the Department of Justice” by refusing to enforce the order from President Trump, who then did what he does so well and fired her. Citing her as “weak”, she took the extraordinarily rare – and many would say either brave or stupid –  step of defying the White House […]

The Ghost of Scalia Passed Visits The Trump Wall

Could deceased Supreme Court jurist Antonin Scalia jeopardise Trump’s Mexican border wall?  Short answer: ‘Yes’. One of the Judge’s last judgments could create a major obstacle to the Trump plan in a twist that would see a man the President considers a “great” jurist placing a significant obstacle in his way towards creating another great […]

Clooney on the UK Supreme Court? Huh?

The UK Supreme Court’s Brexit ruling has served to increase focus upon Britain’s highest court – and one of the questions being looked at is who next might enter the lofty ranks of the country’s top court. The court will see an array or retirements from the Bench as statutory retirement age comes up and […]

The UK “Hot” List

The Lawyer in the UK are preparing for the publication of the “Hot List” of the lawyers and their pre-publication excitement has lead to the publication of four lawyers named in the list previously and how the honour has changed their professional, if not personal lives. Excited? Well, whatever. The first up is the Royal […]