Way to Get Fired Number 4,527: Posting A Picture of Yourself Flipping Off the President

Norris McLaughlin & Marcus – In a prior blog post, we discussed whether a private employer can terminate an employee for protesting. This week, we have another example of “off-duty employee” conduct that may result in them standing in the unemployment line. As you may have seen (especially if you watch late night talk shows), […]

Most Common Reasons for Lawsuits Against Companies

Philip Piletic – Some lawsuits filed against businesses are frivolous ones, and some are just downright ridiculous, like the case of Overton v. Anheuser-Busch. In that case, Richard Overton filed suit against the beer company for false advertising. The bikini-clad beauties pictured in the television commercials failed to materialize in his living room even after […]