Big Law’s Bitcoin Foray

You may have thought that Bitcoins had gone away, but in a “Revenge of the Nerds” style resurgence they are not only back, but Big Law is also seeking to be part of the Bitcoin action. Steptoe & Johnson have entered the Bitcoin market with a focus upon the “Blockchain” technology that may well change […]

Donald Trump’s Potential Tax Lawsuit

Is Donald Trump to face a lawsuit over his tax affairs? Tax audits and affairs have been one of the numerous issues circulating around the Republican presidential nominee in a developing scandal over his potential liability, following an investigation by the UK Daily Telegraph. Some of Trump’s business associates are facing a civil lawsuit but Frederick […]

Thinking of Starting a Law Firm? Read These Tips . .

Forbes have kindly done something that will disabuse the notion that starting a law firm is a walk in the park. Speaking with five chief legal offices and lawyers from the Forbes Legal Council (for prestigious law firm applicants only, they say), the magazine distilled the following key messages about starting your own law firm.\ […]