Janet Reno Dies

Janet Reno, the first female Attorney General, has died at age 78. Described by the Wall Street Journal as a ‘polarizing figure’ under the Clinton administration, she died at home in Florida. She was the first woman to serve as U.S. attorney general and played an important role in some acrimonious events that occurred under Bill […]

The Child Rapist Who Eyeballed Mother Berated By Judge

An English Judge furiously berated a paedophile for staring at the mother of his seven-year-old victim, telling him not to “dare look at her.” Judge Denis Watson QC was furious with the rapist, Anthony Taylor when at the Liverpool Crown Court for sentencing following the rape charge where he threatened to kill the victim if […]

The Lawyers in Hot Water Over Democrat Donations

Campaign finance issues are a touchy subject at the best of times, but for Boston-based personal injury law firm Thornton Law Firm it has become another hot-button issue in the most bizarre election campaign ever in the United States The issue at stake is the revelation that Thornton Law Firm’s records show paybacks to partners […]

New York Firms Lag In Gender Diversity

Gender diversity is a bit deal in the law – don’t we all know it? – well, the answer is ‘No’, actually. Take the New York bar, for instance. The president of the New York Bar Association John S Kiernan said that progress was “incremental” in terms of gender and ethnic diversity. For the first […]