Technology continues to disrupt the business of law – but now major law firm Allen + Overy are actively supporting the trend with the opening of a new tech space area they sponsor called ‘Fuse’.Software technology for lawyers

The Fuse space is being offered to startups involved in legal technology developments, accommodating up to 60 people involved in start-up activity, according to Allen + Overy.

But apart from floor space in swish premises, the Fuse initiative also sees Allen + Overy offer legal expertise to the entrepreneurs as well.


The specific ‘tech’ areas being explored with Fuse include –

• legaltech: technology that supports legal advice, law firms and in-house legal functions;
• regtech: technology supporting regulatory compliance for corporates and others; and
• dealtech: technology that transforms how companies and financial institutions transact and negotiate deals with each other.


Wim Dejonghe, Allen & Overy’s senior partner, commented: “Developments in tech are rapidly transforming our industry and we are determined to play a lead role in harnessing the power of new solutions for the benefit of our clients.

“Fuse offers us a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with both our clients and some of the brightest minds in the tech sector, particularly those who have synergies with our business. I’m convinced this will not only put us at the forefront of developments in this field but will also be a key differentiator for Allen & Overy in the years to come.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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