Legal jobs are up in New Zealand by almost 30 per cent according to TradeMe Jobs’ report, a fact borne out by an increase in law job listings on the LawFuel law jobs site, too.

The TradeMe Jobs figures showed an overall increase in jobs of over 12 per cent in the three months to September compared to the 2015 figures.  The number of applicants have dropped as a result of the strong jobs market and more job opportunities.

The legal jobs situation continues to show issues for some provincial law firms seeking to recruit legal talent, however to some extent that is being offset by an increase in the number of young lawyers seeking work away from Auckland and its high-priced real estate market.

Those areas showing greater growth are Auckland-fringe, with Auckland refugees  making up 13 per cent of applicants in the Bay of Plenty, 15 per cent in Waikato and 20 per cent in Northland.

It also appears that there is continued growth in the inhouse legal jobs situation, an area of growing opportunity for lawyers seeking work outside of the mainstream legal market.

Among the current opportunities available on the LawFuel law jobs site include –

Corporate law position with Anderson Lloyd

          Litigation solicitor with Sainsbury Logan, Napier

RMA jobs with DLAPiper

Telephone Trust Account operator with Public Trust

Litigators with class action law firm GCA Lawyers, Christchurch

Law graduate with Holland Beckett

Insurance litigators with DLA  Piper

Check the latest law jobs on LawFuel’s dedicated law jobs for lawyers in New Zealand, Australia and elsewhere.




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