Online millionaire Mark Ling is preparing to release what promises to be one of the year’s biggest IM Marketing products – his “LearnBuildEarn” program, which is being reviewed by MyLifeReports Reviews, who provide it with their year’s highest rating for an online marketing program.

The program, from Ling who developed such products as his Affilorama program, the “Meet Your Sweet” and other dating products, Rocket Languages and a host of other top-selling programs is releasing his LearnBuildEarn program at the end of August.

The program is an extensively and exhaustively compliled “Masters Course” but for anyone seeking to bust the 9-to-5 syndrome and find their own lucrative job making money online from home and taught by one of the true masters of the game.

Mark Ling and Anik Singal are two of the most reputable and successful online marketers in the world and to have them both recently release products may give those seeking to avoid having to go to jobs they hate a headache – which to choose from.

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Either way, the Ling course has drawn upon Singal’s expertise as well and provides a step-by-step way to build life-changing income from work that you love.

Part of the success of Mark Ling’s course is choosing niches that are in areas that the participants love, rather than trudging through days in jobs they hate.

Whether you’re a shop girl, a lawyer, a clerical person or a builder, the benefits of this course are such that they will truly change the way many hundreds of people live.

Like the celebratory “4 Hour Work Week” by Time Ferriss, the LearnBuildEarn course will alter peoples’ perceptions of work and how it should – or could – be done.

The LearnBuildEarn program is designed for both newbie marketers and more experienced hands.  Indeed even for those already in the market with products, buying a Mark Ling product is something they should do anyway because his knowledge and success and legendary.

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