Catastrophic Injury Lawyers
Serious injury lawyers

In Los Angeles catastrophic injuries can happen in various ways and when an individual is harmed, that may include amputations, brain injuries, burns and spinal cord injuries. This is not the only types of serious bodily harm and catastrophic injuries, since it can include fractures, nerve damage is permanent and blindness (learn more.) The physical and financial damages from this type of harm that may be the result of a motor vehicle accident, a work-related or construction mishap or because of a defective product can be physically and emotionally damaging. Another way is to harm may be suffered is due to this handled medical treatment resulting in medical malpractice. The outcome of this type of incident matter how it happens is that the victim will suffer physically and financially, since lost wages and often potential future earnings may be lost due to disabilities from a catastrophic injury.

When an individual is hurt and it results in the severity and can have a tremendous impact on the victim’s life and if it occurs due to negligence, carelessness or recklessness the victim may have legal recourse. The victim of this type of harm with the assistance of a top-notch law firm may be able to recover the maximum compensation possible under personal injury law. Ehline Law Firm PC has the years of experience, a successful track record and most importantly the resources to help obtain compensatory damages that are deserved on behalf of the victim. These are important qualifications to look for when choosing a Los Angeles catastrophic injury attorney.

Compensation Types

If your loved one has been the victim of a catastrophic injury you may be able to take legal action or suit financial compensation. This compensation is sought for the damages incurred into the negligent actions of the liable party and may include:

Medical Costs: This will include medical expenses directly related to the incident in which harm was sustained, as well as ongoing medical care necessary.

Lost Wages: Lost wages can be sought and estimated future earnings for temporary or permanent disabilities.

Pain and Suffering: The plaintiff of a catastrophic injury can seek pain and suffering for the harm they sustained.

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