The leading London law firm Mischcon de Reya has started legal action to have the British Parliament to seek legislative approval before leaving the European Union.

The law firm said in a statement reported by Reuters that its clients were a group of concerned British citizens, but it did not name them or say who was paying for the legal action.

“The outcome of the Referendum itself is not legally binding and for the current or future Prime Minister to invoke Article 50 without the approval of Parliament is unlawful,” Kasra Nouroozi, a partner Mishcon de Reya, said in the statement.

The firm says that an Act of Parliament was needed before invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, the trigger for formal negotiations on exiting the bloc Britain joined in 1973.

The action is the first concrete signal since the June 23 referendum that the implementation of the 52-48 Brexit vote could be challenged, or at least amended.

Nouroozi said the government must allow “Parliament to fulfil its democratic duty which is to take into account the results of the Referendum along with other factors and make the ultimate decision.”

A spokeswoman for the law firm refused to give the names of those backing the action, though property website Zoopla said its CEO Alex Chesterman was supporting the move.

Source: Reuters

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