boring law jobsCould your law job actually be one of the world’s most boring?

According to a new survey from a UK firm, law tops the list as the most boring of occupations.

The employment firm Emolument surveyed 1,300 professionals in search of the dullest jobs across 14 professional sectors.

And eight out of 10 lawyers found their jobs the most boring.

Are we surprised?  After all the drudgery of undertaking discovery on documents as high as the Empire State, or preparing motions for bankruptcy or antitrust or most other things can be so mind-numbing as to addle the brain when it’s supposed to be a $700-an-hour tiger.

AbovetheLaw carried a post from solo lawyer Gary J Ross which outlined what he thought of the disconnect between TV imagesgary-ross-150x150 and perceptions of the law and reality:

. . our job requires quiet concentration. I’ve been in a few law firms, and I’ve never been in one that played loud music or had TVs on the walls. In my office building, next door is a restaurant consulting company. Not a music studio. Not a daycare. They’re not especially loud, yet I can hear every word they say. I can hear them laugh, sing, argue, and even agree on stuff. (They agree Trump’s press conferences are entertaining.)

Why is it I can hear every word they say? Well, it’s primarily the air vent, but it’s also because our office is quiet. We sit in the quiet and review documents. Sometimes we prepare them. Sometimes we’re on the phone, which is at least different, and intermittently interesting, assuming you consider threatening and cajoling interesting. And why — other than some occasional low-volume classical — do I keep it so quiet, you ask? Because…

Following up were careers in project management and support followed by accounting, banking, engineering and sales.

Who Were Least Bored?

The least bored people surveyed by the firm were those working in education, executive management and research and development.

1. Legal jobs (81%)

2. Project management (78%)

3. Support functions (71%)

4. Finance control (68%)

5. Consulting and accounting (67%)

6. Financial services and banking (67%)

7. Engineering (64%)

8. Sales (61%)

9. Marketing and communications (60%)

10. IT (56%)


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