Billing themselves as as criminal law “dream Team” the Berkeley-based law firm of Arguedas, Cassman & Headley is no stranger to taking on the ‘big boys’ in litigation – and winning.  The latest case in point is the David v. Goliath battle between the firm’s client, FedEx and the US Department of Justice.

Forbes carried the story of the battle, with attorney Ted Casman admitting the David vs. Goliath description was appropriate after his boutique firm battled the DoJ ‘Goliath’.


cassman“We consistently win cases against district attorneys and federal prosecutors with much larger staffs and far heftier budgets,” the firm’s website states. “The keys to our success are teamwork, tenacity, intelligence, and powerful advocacy.”

“It’s definitely not as common for us to represent a large Fortune 100 company, like FedEx, as it would be for larger firms,” Cassman told Legal Newsline.

“But I think that was one of the many interesting things about this case.”

Last month, Judge Charles Breyer, for the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California and brother to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer,concluded FedEx was “factually innocent.” The DOJ, in 2014, had charged the Memphis-based global courier with conspiring to transport illegal prescription drugs.

According to reports, Arguedas laid out the argument against the government with supporting evidence that FedEx was indeed working in cooperation with law enforcement officials.

The firm presented evidence that FedEx was co-operating with law enforcement personnel and described the failure on the part of the Department of Justice as “epic”.
“It was an epic failure on the part of the Justice Department,” Cassman said of the department’s case against FedEx.

Both he and Arguedas were confident from the very beginning that the DOJ didn’t have a case against the company.

Source: Forbes

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