Hands on a globeAccording to reports by cruise ship accident attorneys website over here, the Spirit of Glacier Bay ran aground earlier in the week in Tarr Inlet while in route from Juneau to Ketchikan. The cruise ship was on its way to Ketchikan for scheduled repairs when it began to take on water. The company, Cruise West has stated that the ship was taking on approximately 10 gallons of water per hour due to a crack in the hull that was caused by the cruise ship running aground. In comments from the Coast Guard Petty Officer Wes Shin stated that the crack was in the void hull and was kept under control.

The ship was carrying 12 crewmembers that took the ship in to port at Wrangell where the crack in the hull was found and repaired. The ship was to be put into service this summer has had four of its cruises canceled and since its repairs in Wrangell it has resumed course for Ketchikan.



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