An English Judge furiously berated a paedophile for staring at the mother of his seven-year-old victim, telling him not to “dare look at her.”

Judge Denis Watson QC was furious with the rapist, Anthony Taylor when at the Liverpool Crown Court for sentencing following the rape charge where he threatened to kill the victim if she spoke out.

As if that wasn’t enough, Taylor’s supporters could also face jail for their behaviour also after threatening jurors.



Judge Watson said: “The behaviour of members of the public on that occasion was outrageous. . . Contempt in the face of this court is almost certainly likely to lead to imprisonment for anybody who is found guilty.”

Turner’s lawyer said his life was marked by personal tragedy and he had shown in the past he was able to display love and tenderness and had a good work ethic.

Judge Watson said Turner’s crimes had caused his victim “severe psychological harm”, which was evident by her PTSD, after a period of grooming and “deliberate isolation”.

He gave Turner an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order and said he would sign on the Sex Offenders Register for life.

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